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 Did you enjoy the milkfish that you just had for dinner?

Then it must be from the “Milkfish Capital of the Philippines”, Dagupan!

We are a major financial and commercial center located at the north of the Philippine archipelago, with a reputation for being a supplier of some of the best milkfish in the country.

Our milkfish industry is worth around $74,000, producing an estimated 16,000 tons of milkfish annually. Being a major supplier in the country, we conduct yearly livelihood seminars for local fishermen of the city. Thousands of jobs are generated through the bangus industry including bangus farmers, processors, and dealers. (For the list of accredited businesses, please check our directory section.)

Our city’s newly renovated deboning area at the Malimgas Public Market is now in business after it underwent upgrading to conform with the standards set by Republic Act 10611, otherwise known as the Food Safety Act. It is under the technical guidance and supervision of the City Agriculture Office. The new deboning area is more hygienic and equipped with smoking apparatus and blast sealing machine for making tinapang bangus. The blast sealing technology also maintains the freshness of the bangus while in transit, more so than in any other deboning facility in the city.

Now, you can be assured that the milkfish you have bought is from Dagupan. The Dagupan city government now certifies our milkfish to assure our buyers that the milkfish they buy is from Dagupan.

Join us every year as we hold our annual Bangus Festival!


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The City Agriculture Office of Dagupan ensures the City’s food security through development of technologies for agriculture.


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